Sunday, 16 February 2014

Our web team is working hard on a special task to keep you informed with details of all OSA UK projects that have already been successfully completed and all forthcoming projects. 
This section will explain to you the projects that have been
  1. Carried out for Victoria College
  2. Carried out for the feeding schools
  3. Carried out for any social welfare organisations
  4. In addition, any request submitted to our web team to publish in the website by Victoria College Principal or feeding school principals or any social welfare organisation that works within the Chulipuram and neighbouring areas will be detailed here. 
  5. We would also in this section acknowledge and thank project sponsors.             

Watch this space.

Our past and present OSA (UK) Committee members  have significantly contributed to our school and neighbouring areas.  Many of you are not aware of how many projects have been completed, what they are or even the proposed projects yet to be started.

We hope that in this new section we will fully cover all the projects and keep you up to date with what’s happening for UK members and Old Students worldwide.        

The current Victoria College Principal, Mr V Srikanthan, instigated this new section. Dr S Kannathasan, Mr T Kamalanathan and Mr S Ravisangar will assist to document and publish the project details in this section.  We hope that this will be good archive and documentary project information for OSA(UK) and our School.. The Web Team would like to thank the aforementioned people for their continued contribution and support.

English Style is an Elegant Style.